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How to brush your teeth with electric toothbrush?
How to eat healthy during the summer?
What to Watch Out for: Head and Brain Injuries
Stay fit even over 50 years of age
Pre-Workout Cardiovascular Tips

How to brush your teeth with electric toothbrush?

Are you using an electric toothbrush? If you aren’t, you should start. They offer plenty of health benefits and they are superior to manual toothbrushes in every possible way.

But more about that in the upcoming posts. For now, here’s a short video by Oral B that will show you exactly how to brush your teeth using an oscillating electric toothbrush.

Pretty neat, right? We will be talking about electric toothbrushes more in the upcoming posts, so stay tuned for more updates!

How to eat healthy during the summer?

The Summer is probably the best time to pursue health during the entire year. This is because the weather actually encourages people to step out into nature and do physical activities. Also, many of the healthiest foods on the planet become widely available during the Summer, because that is when they grow the most. Because of these factors, and many others, it is a great time to get out there, to change your habits (with both diet and exercise) and to change your attitude as well. The Summer is a time of rejuvenation and celebration, and thus you life should be adjusted to do pursue those things.


The easiest way to get moving in the right direction is to start eating healthier during the Summer. This is easy because the healthy foods are readily available during the Summer, and also tend to pair pretty well with a number of fun summer activities (i.e. camping, picnics, bbq, etc.) Here is a short list of 3 ways in which you can start eating healthier during the Summer:

Healthy summer eating tip #1. Snack regularly

Studies have shown that snacking on a normal basis can actually be very good for you and your diet, instead of just eating three or four times a day in meal form. Snacking can stave off hunger, and thus make you less likely to overindulge during a meal. But, the real key is to make sure you are eating healthy snacks, and not just some fatty, unsubstantial snacks like candy and potato chips. Instead, you should be snacking on fruits and vegetables, and things like granola bars and trail mix. These snack foods will do wonders for your health, your diet, and your overall well being, when all is said and done.

Healthy summer eating tip #2. Avoid restaurants, and do not eat too much

When you are not cooking the food yourself, you have no idea what the restaurant puts in it and therefore no idea how unhealthy it may be. People also tend to eat more than they should at a restaurant for many reasons, both societal and personal. Thus, just staying at home and cooking a healthy meal is a much better option for your health and your pocketbook- that is a win-win situation all around, if you ask me.

Healthy summer eating tip #3. Drink in moderation

Studies have shown that drinking in moderation is actually good for your health. But, the key is to not drink too much. Like food, drink, if taken too often, can harm your overall health, as well as harming many other aspects of your life. It is easy to get carried away during the summer, so be careful.

What to Watch Out for: Head and Brain Injuries

Anything from a small cut to swelling is classed as an external head injury, and the severity of the injury can be difficult to establish. There are a lot of blood vessels in the scalp, so what appears to be a large wound may just be a small cut that is bleeding heavily, causing unnecessary panic. Lumps and bumps can be alarming, but these are just caused by fluid and blood released by the body to protect the area, and usually disappear without need for treatment.

If the injury is large or bleeding heavily, the best way to treat it is to carefully clean the area and apply an ice pack (wrapped in a towel or dishcloth) without applying any pressure to the area. Observe the victim carefully over the next day or so to watch for signs of more serious injury to the head or brain.


Internal head or brain injuries can be far more difficult to treat, as there can be no obvious physical signs of injury at first. Someone suffering from a serious head injury may have no bleeding or little swelling to the head, but they can be suffering from a fractured skull, or even brain damage.

While it can be difficult to judge externally how serious an injury is, the symptoms below signal a more serious problem:

  • Problems with vision or speech

If the victim is suffering from any of these symptoms, no matter the severity you must call an ambulance immediately. Make sure that they are in no immediate danger, especially if they are vomiting or having a seizure, but don’t hold them down under any circumstance. Try not to move them as they may have suffered injury to their spine or neck, which aren’t immediately obvious.

If they are confused or disorientated, try to comfort them and keep them as still as possible, and make sure they don’t touch the injury or put any pressure on the wound, to avoid further damage.

When emergency services arrive they will be able to treat the injury correctly and stabilise the victim so they aren’t in danger of injuring themselves further.


When the ambulance arrives they will be able to treat your child and prevent any further damage to their head and neck.

When faced with this sort of injury, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry, use your common sense and consult a medical professional if you have any worries or if the person injured seems to display any unusual symptoms.

  • Fluid or bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth or vomiting
  • Deep wounds
  • Weakness, stiffness and pain (especially in neck)
  • Abnormal breathing
  • Strange/uneven pupil size
  • Seizures/”fits”
  • Paralysis
  • Unconscious for more than a few minutes

Stay fit even over 50 years of age

There was a time when reaching your half century was an achievement of sorts. Indeed, if you even made it to 50 in the Middle Ages you were doing very well. Today, happily, times have changed significantly and we are all living longer.

However, just because the media keeps telling us we have an increased life expectancy we really shouldn’t take it for granted. Everyone wants to enjoy their old age in good health.

Affectionate old couple with the wife holding on lovingly to the husband's face. Focus on the husband's eyes. Concept: Elderly love.

Eat Well

Diet is of paramount importance. Everyone has heard about making sure to eat ‘five a day’ but are we all doing it? A balanced, healthy diet is the first step to maintaining a good level of physical fitness and wellbeing, avoiding the risks of obesity and reducing the chances of developing cancer, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and strokes.

Freshly prepared food which includes at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day is the best way maintain a balanced diet. Convenience ready meals and takeaways might seem an easy option but quite often they are full of fat, salt, sugar and additives and are best avoided where possible.

Caffeine and sugary drinks may give you an instant high but ultimately they will leave you dehydrated, which leads to decreased concentration levels and ultimately tiredness. Alcohol consumption should be limited according to government guidelines which currently recommend no more than 2-3 units a day for women and 3-4 for men, bearing in mind that one unit is roughly a half pint of beer or small glass of wine. Water is as cleansing for our insides as it is for our skin and it will not only will hydrate, but also flush out toxins.

Stop Smoking

Smoking leads to 120,000 deaths in the UK every year from illnesses such as heart disease and lung cancer. If you make only one life change then stopping smoking will be the best decision you ever made, not only for yourself but also for those around you. They are at risk from secondary smoke inhalation, which can cause heart disease, lung cancer and many health problems in young children.


Regular exercise does not necessarily mean joining a gym. There are many ways of building exercise into your daily routine and the benefits are many. It helps to maintain a healthy body weight, reduces the risk of heart disease and stress, increases energy levels, strengthens muscles and joints and improves mobility and balance.

Thirty minutes a day of reasonably rigorous exercise will prove an enormous benefit. Walking, swimming, dancing, gardening, vacuuming, taking the stairs rather than the lift and doing the housework are all great ways to keep fit. Exercise also offers the opportunity to socialise and meet new people, at a bowls club, tennis club, the local gym.

After retirement many people find the sudden lack of routine difficult to deal with so a new schedule which incorporates exercise is an excellent way to combat this and keep fit at the same time.

There is no time like the present to take stock of your eating and exercise habits and perhaps make a few small changes which could have a big impact so you can look forward to a happy and healthy second half century.

Of course, as much people might not want to think about it, over 50s life insurance is something everyone will need to consider at some point and unfortunately the older you get the higher risk you become to life insurers. However, a few simple life changes can not only enhance your 50s and 60s and reduce risks, but also pave the way for a happy and healthy retirement.

Pre-Workout Cardiovascular Tips

Working out is hard to do, no matter which way you look at it. It requires an incredible amount of dedication to pursue physical fitness and ensure that it stays that way. We have all tried to get fit, some of us took to it quickly and others like myself have been on again and off again workout enthusiasts. Why? It is very possible that ordinary circumstances that life gives you can get in the way. They cause us to loose sight of taking time out for ourselves in order to get our bodies in prime shape. The worst part about this, we loose our own health objectives, and we end up putting ourselves on the back burner.

Working out is not something that comes naturally, though in prehistoric times man and woman were able to naturally get a workout. Work at that time was a grueling, lifestyle. It meant waking up at dawn, collecting firewood, preparing food, gathering food, making clothing and washing clothing. This all required extensive stamina, muscle strength and energy. Walking was considered the primary mode of existence, not a workout technique that had to be incorporated into their daily lives. If they could see us now! Working out, supplements the slog of the office job, where you sit for hours a day, it supplements the day to day grind of chores and other requirements. It offers you a place to go to gather your thoughts, mental clarity is a huge part of working out.


Some people decide to use a sport for their workout. They work out by rock climbing, skateboarding, snowboarding,skiing, and more. Horseback riding is also a great way to get those abdominal muscles working out. Adventure sports have a ton to offer when it comes to beefing up your workout. But, a pre-cardiovascular beef up can be something different entirely.

Top five ways to beef up your pre-cardiovascular regime:

  • Pre-cardiovascular workouts can be beefed up by eating right.

Foods are the best way to beef up your workouts. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for your body. They provide a bulk of the pre-workout snack. Breakfast foods can include-cereal, a bagel, granola bars or fruits. The meal should also include protein. You can include protein by putting some peanut butter with your bagel, or milk in your cereal. Liquid protein replacements offer you a great alternative to eating a meal. Many health food stores offer liquid meal replacements. These drinks ensure that you will have the same nutrition as whole food, but it digests a lot faster before a workout. The best way to ensure that you are getting the most liquids is to check your urine. If your urine is colorless and pale then you have more than enough liquids in your diet. If it is cloudy and foul smelling-then you need to drink more water.

When you are working out, make sure that you do not eat sugar beforehand. Candy, is the worst thing to have when you are getting ready to expend a lot of energy. Also, avoid eating foods that are high in fat. If you eat too many foods that are high in fat, you will find that you can crash quickly. Some fruits can also cause you to have a lot of gas when you are working out. Thus, you will have some abdominal cramping, and this can definitely cause a problem when you are trying to workout. The foods that you eat are very important to you when you are working out. Remember, you are what you eat-so try to limit the saturated fats and sugars in your diet.

An intense workout will tone and work your body. Consider checking out some Precor treadmill reviews before purchasing any treadmill equipment. Theodore Roosevelt said “believe that you can and you’re halfway there.” This is all it takes for you, simply believe in yourself, and you have come halfway to getting the job done.

  • Include protein and carbohydrates in your pre-workout meal.
  • Ensure that you have a ton of liquid before you workout.
  • Do not eat simple sugars-they give energy in the beginning, but you may crash quickly in the end.

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